Built Green

Built Green encourages environmentally responsible building and construction by certifying homes that meet specific criteria. This program is administered by the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County, using a checklist-based system. Various levels of certification are possible: typically, the higher levels require that the project be inspected and documented by a certified third-party verifier to ensure accuracy.

Working in conjunction with professionals from all realms of home building, in addition to the building departments for both the city and county, the Built Green program sets its own criteria for certification. Whatcom County’s Built Green program certifies new single-family homes; remodels, and are piloting a commercial program as well.

Projects that are certified through Built Green have demonstrated achievement in several areas of environmental responsibility:

  • Preserving natural processes through responsible site and water management;
  • Lowering operating costs through energy-efficient equipment and systems;
  • Reducing toxins and pollutants for a healthier indoor environment;
  • Minimizing waste by careful materials selection and jobsite recycling.

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