The Design Build Process

Initial meetings w/ potential client

We meet with you to discuss the scope of your project. During these meetings we will give you an appraisal of the projected cost range of your project. You will determine if you would like to proceed.

Professional Services Agreement

If you decide to move forward with us, we sign a professional services agreement which defines the terms and scope of our initial design services.

Program Definition and Site Analysis

Our design team works with you to develop a detailed program of your needs and an analysis of the existing site conditions as well as potential site development challenges.

Initial Design

Our design team develops our first conceptual designs based on the defined program.

Design Review

At this step we review our initial concept with you. Discussing the options and implication for redesign.


Based on our design review we redesign as needed. We then go back through design review and redesign until we have a design that meets your requirements.

Client Design Approval for Pricing

At this point you approve a design that will be used for pricing.

Commence Pricing

This is the step where we hard price your project. We price the project as conceptualized as well as create a menu options for you to choose. This menu has both additions and deletions and is meant to assist in the fine tuning of your project.

Pricing Proposal to Client

We present the hard price to you and review all the options.

Pricing Evolution

Together you and our design team fine tune the hard cost to come up with a final hard contract price.

Sign Construction Contract

We now sign the official construction contract.

Iron Curtain

To keep the process streamlined and orderly, we implement a cut off.All changes after this point to the drawings or specifications are tracked through the change order process. This keeps the paper trail clean and easy to follow.

Material Selection Process Begins

You begin the process of working with our selection coordinator to pick out the exact materials that are to be used in your job. These items will have been specified in the contract, but now the actual colors need to be selected. (i.e. brick color, roof color, cabinetry, floor coverings, etc.)

Working Drawings Prepare

At the same time that you start your selections, we create the final architectural and engineering drawings needed for locality approval of your project.

Working Drawings Submitted to Locality for Approval

We submit the plans for locality approval. This can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Each locality has different requirements and interpretation of the building code. This process is a give and take between our team and the locality, but final approval requires us to go through this dance.

Drawings approved by locality

We receive final approval to proceed from the locality.

Bonding (if required by locality)

Some projects require a posting of a bond or a letter of credit in order to receive final approval to proceed. If this is required you will know this very early in the process, but the final amount of the bond will not be known until the locality has approved the drawings.

Adjust Pricing to Locality Approved Drawings

During the pricing process we will carry a contingency to cover any changes required for locality approval. Once the final approval is received we zero out this contingency by applying it to any locality required changes, returning any remaining amount to you.

Locality Approved Documents Compiled and Signed

The final locality approved drawings and specifications are reviewed with you and our design team and signed by both.

Pre-Construction Conference

We have a pre-con with you and our construction team prior to breaking ground to review the project. Many times this is combined with the previous step into one long meeting.

Site Work

We break ground and prepare for the construction of your project.

Material Selection Process

We work with you to finish any outstanding materials selections that may be remaining.

Building Shell

This is construction of the footings, foundations, framing and roofing.

Scheduled Walkthroughs

We have pre-set walk-throughs with you to review your project. Depending on the scope of your project, some of these include: electrical rough-in, data and phone rough-in, framing review, etc.

Exterior Finishes

We put the skin on the building and the finish on the site work.

Interior finished

We rough-in all systems and finish walls, floors, ceilings, casework and systems.

Final Walkthrough

Pre-scheduled walk through of project We orient you to your new building and systems and create a final punch list for your project.

Move In

You move in to your newly created structure. We are available to help with any questions or issues that arise. We are also there afterward to deal with any callbacks that occur after your move in.