Advantages of Hit-Tech Tilt

Hi-Tech Tilt is a tilt-up wall construction system that provides enormous savings and advantages to tilt-up panels:

  • Uses 66% – 75% less concrete
  • Erection times up to 40% faster
  • Reduction in finishing labor costs
  • Panels may be erected 48 hours after pouring of concrete
  • Smaller crane and reduced rental time required for construction
  • Easy installation of insulation
  • Installation of utilities within the panel

Cost Savings

Hi-Tech Tilt is the difference when constructing a solid building. A patented versatile composite system, Hi-Tech Tilt provides enormous savings and advantages over conventional tilt-up wall systems. Hi-Tech Tilt wall system integrates metal studs that are ready for finish-out. Because Hi-Tech Tilt uses a minimal 66% less concrete than standard tilt-up wall systems, there is no need for heavy crane. Erection times is up to 30% faster. There is also a reduction of finishing labor costs. Hi-Tech Tilt does not require spread footing or concrete pour strips. This translates into cost savings for the buyer

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