Steel Buildings

The Value of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

We believe that quality and innovation are essential in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s why we have partnered with the Metallic Building Company and Nucor Building Systems and recommend using a custom designed pre-engineered steel building for your next project.

We are an Authorized Building of Metallic Building Systems and Nucor Building Systems.. Metallic and Nucor provide us with custom pre-engineered metal building products and systems of the highest quality. These flexible building solutions are designed to offer you an ideal blend of attractiveness, functionality and long-term value.

We offer an impressive array of metal building systems, all of which can be custom engineered to complement your unique building application saving you time and money Metal buildings can be used for a variety of building applications including: aviation, office & retail, schools, warehouse & distribution, manufacturing and industrial, churches, community and recreational, agricultural, and mini & self storage.



Credo Construction, Inc. offers flexible options for the custom design and construction of aviation facilities and metal building hangars encompassing:

  • T-Hangars
  • Corporate Hangars
  • Executive Hangars
  • Large Clear Span Airline Hangars
  • FBO (Fixed Based Operators) Hangars

With us, you benefit from complete customization services, onsite construction services and single-source supply to meet your unique usage requirements. In addition, all of our systems are manufactured in our AISC-certified plants to guarantee a quality product.

We are accustomed to offering our customer:

  • Hangar Door design/supply
  • Standard metal or conventional wall applications
  • Mezzanines for connecting hangar offices, multi-story, mixed build, storage and other ancillary structures or features
  • Hangars to accommodate Bi-fold, Bi-Parting and Stack Leaf designs
  • Clear span with free interiors for wide open spaces
  • Optional 25-year color finish and 20-year weather-tightness warranties

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Credo Construction, Inc. is your number one resource for attractive, functional and distinctive retail and office buildings. Our custom-engineered commercial steel building systems offer many versatile options for structures including:

  • Strip centers
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Office complexes
  • Shopping centers & outlets
  • Stand-alone retail storefronts
  • Gas Stations
  • Mini-marts
  • Multi-story office buildings

Our retail and office metal building solutions are extremely flexible and can be tailored to virtually any application or requirement.

Additional features and benefits of our office and retail solutions include:

  • Flexible construction enables system to be built in tandem with conventional wall, insulated panels, metal, brick, block, stucco and more
  • Metal or conventional roofing systems available
  • Single-source design and supply, with area builders to manage and construct project
  • Optional 25-year color finish and 20-year weathertightness warranties
  • More than 100 different panel configurations to choose from
  • Manufacturing at AISC-certified plants ensures structural integrity
  • Bays of up to 65 feet, using patented LBS , allow for open spacing and flexible interior design
  • Certified erection training available

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We work one-on-one with your architects and engineers to produce versatile, attractive and durable options for educational facilities. We specialize in custom-engineered and Class A structural framing systems for buildings such as:

  • Public and private schools
  • Multi-purpose classroom facilities
  • Athletic facilities and small stadiums
  • Colleges and universities
  • Multi-story facilities
  • Auditoriums

At Credo Construction, we are accustomed to providing a single-source supply to meet all of your school building construction needs. Some special benefits of working with Credo on school structures include:

  • Complete services for the design and manufacture of structural systems, wall and roofing products and accessories
  • Steel packages can be developed with conventional roof and wall systems or with metal roof and wall systems
  • Roofing systems available with industry leading weathertightness warranties
  • Flexible structural design gives you the freedom to apply conventional construction methods with custom-engineered metal solutions
  • More than 100 panel profiles to choose from
  • Manufacturing at AISC-certified plants ensures structural integrity

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Credo Construction, Inc. superior solutions for the development of metal building warehouse facilities and distribution centers. Our Long Bay System provides large, unobstructed interior spacing while reducing design costs and speeding up construction. All of our metal building systems are custom engineered to work with metal, built-up or single-ply roofing.

With our warehouse & distribution solutions, you enjoy many features & benefits:

  • A broad network of design and construction support, including developers, general contractors, construction managers, site acquisition specialists, erectors and architects
  • Single-source resource for primary and ancillary development services
  • Over 100 roof and wall panel profiles to choose from
  • Structures can include metal walls or any type of owner-preferred conventional wall systems, such as brick, stucco, tilt-up or CMU
  • Clear dimensions and flexible interior column spacing for small, medium and large spaces
  • Customizable vertical clearance dimensions for racking systems
  • Design and support for air handling and HVAC systems
  • Uncommon construction cycle time and life cycle costing advantages-you get what you want when you want it, and at an exceptional price!

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Credo Construction, Inc. provides exceptional value and single-source support for manufacturing and industrial structures of the highest quality. Our experts can develop a custom-engineered structural steel or hybrid design to accommodate piping loads, heavy air handling systems, racking loads, heavy mezzanine systems, heavy crane systems and more. You will find our buildings solutions ideal for a variety of factory, industrial and manufacturing applications. Count on Credo for a wide range of facility types, including:

  • Power plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Assembly plants
  • Steel mills
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Factories
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Petrochemical facilities

Our custom-engineered steel and Class A conventional framing systems give you many advantages in terms of cost-savings, durability and long-term value. Let us equip your project for success with:

  • A wide array of custom-engineered or Class A conventional framing systems for structures requiring heavy piping loads, mezzanines, cranes of all classifications
  • Custom-engineered structural and hybrid designs
  • Over 100 roof and wall panel profiles to choose from
  • Support and supply of framing systems for heavy mezzanine, heavy roof loads, heavy HVAC units and piping loads
  • Custom-engineered and conventional style bracing systems
  • Conventional or metal roofing systems available and compatible with almost any manufacturing/industrial project
  • Value-engineering services on design-build applications, as well as material supply on plan and spec projects

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Credo Construction, Inc. offers many attractive options for the development of churches, religious facilities and related structures and campuses. Our engineering and design specialists are accustomed to combining custom-engineered metal structures with conventional construction methods to create sanctuaries of unparalleled beauty, durability and functionality. The flexibility of our system allows for diversification in design and appearance, resulting in a distinctive steel church building that will last for many years to come.

Credo Constuction, Inc. gives you many features and advantages for the construction of religious facilities, including:

  • Single and multi-story systems to support office, classroom, large meeting areas, gymnasiums, auditoriums and administrative space
  • Complete custom design for unique and complex facilities with desired combination of custom-engineered steel and conventional design materials
  • Many different options for architectural roofing systems, offered in 22 attractive long-life colors
  • Economical and efficient design of clear span applications
  • Architecturally appealing structural systems for drive-through canopies and conventional wall applications
  • Incomparable offerings for wall and roofing applications-more than 100 options available
  • Easy to erect, expand and maintain

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Community & Recriational

Credo Construction, Inc. is your premier resource for a wide range of community and recreational facilities, including:

  • Baseball stadiums
  • Community centers
  • Arenas
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor practice/athletic facilities
  • Multi-purpose athletic buildings
  • Equestrian & livestock centers
  • Ice skating & roller rinks

At Credo Construction, Inc., we can provide you with an unlimited array of custom-engineered and structural framing systems. In addition, we offer a variety of options for clear span and multi-span structures in virtually unlimited lengths and widths. Count on the experts at Credo for:

  • Turnkey construction services provided through an authorized network of more than 600 builders
  • Full-service structural steel capabilities and steel support services for skyboxes, press boxes, stadium seating and multi-story applications
  • Large clear span applications of up to 400 feet using large span truss design
  • Flexibility of design coupled with value-engineering services and superior product offerings
  • Single-source design and fabrication of custom-engineered and conventional steel, as well as related specialty products
  • All systems manufactured in 100% AISC-certified metal building and Class A structural heavy plants

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Credo Construction, Inc. builds economical and efficient agricultural metal building systems to meet a wide variety of your application needs, including:

  • Barns
  • Storage facilities
  • Livestock facilities
  • Dairy facilities
  • Farm Structures
  • Heavy equipment storage
  • Breeder storage/Chicken houses
  • Grain and bulk produce storage

Every agricultural structure is custom designed and engineered to achieve optimal efficiency. Our long-life structures are extremely durable and easy to erect. With Credo, you have access to a dedicated line of agricultural sheeting products and panels. In addition, up to 25-year finish warranties are available on wall cladding and roofing material.

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Credo Construction, Inc. can equip you with self storage metal building systems to accommodate a variety of applications. Our self storage systems are ideal for single and multi-storage uses for both individuals and commercial proprietors.

Our self storage metal building systems offer numerous advantages and features, including:

  • Climate-controlled design options
  • Single-source responsibility for framing systems, partitions and doors
  • Large network of construction professionals for complete design, planning and construction services
  • Wall and roof systems available in variety of different configurations and color selections
  • Easy erection and construction for mini-storage systems
  • Architecturally appealing structures for commercial applications
  • Excellent life-cycle costing benefits, including energy efficiency, durability and easy long-term maintenance
  • Systems easily accommodate future expansion

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