Hi-Tech Tilt

Hi-Tech Tilt is the technology breakthrough of a 16ga. structural metal stud combined with W.M.F. steel reinforcement embedded in a standard 2? concrete slab used in both floors, & walls (with load bearing capabilities). Hi-Tech Tilt is a patented composite building technology.cargill-002

The Hi-Tech Tilt panels are framed with metal studs and track. The walls can be pre-fabricated in a plant or cast on-site on the building slab. The concrete skin is 2? thick. The studs and track are usually 2×6?- 16 gauge. The steel is attached to the concrete by tabs that are punched out of the side flange of the studs and track. The tabs are punched 4 to 6? O.C. as recommended by the structural engineer. The tabs are embedded into the concrete by using the building slab as a casting bed, similar to tilt-up casting methods. The panels do not use rebar but use wire mats. The resulting product is a structurally sound building panel that contains a finished outside surface with a studded inside face, ready for finish-out. Our inside ready frame allows all utilities (electrical, plumbing and HVAC) and insulation to be installed before drywall is screwed on to the studs . The outside can be cast with feature strips or any decorative reveals. There are various methods of creating a thermal break as required by some architects.

This patented technology forms construction panels stronger-but-lighter than solid concrete, concrete block. The bonding and adherence of the concrete to steel becomes a very strong composition of conventional products which provides you a competitive edge over tilt-up and other building systems, allowing you to build stronger buildings faster and at a lower cost.

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